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Market Insights

4 days ago

Ori Sharon, IronOak Energy Insights Associate

Community sSolar is on the rise. In a new report published by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), SEPA authors project that more than 200 MW of community solar willis projected to go online in 2016, bringing the aggregate installed capacity of community solar to 300 MW. The SEPA (conservative) estimate joins a host of previous projections about the potential growth...
4 days ago

Tyler Felgenhauer, IronOak Energy Insights Director

Washington: The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission issued a white paper recommending that “the commission develop a policy requiring utilities to account for the benefits of energy storage in their planning and procurement activities.” The authors note that Washington State is unique in that the usual model for justifying energy storage profitability -- arbitrage between off-peak and...
4 days ago

Joe Zabinski, IronOak Energy Insights Associate

Given Germany’s history of technological prowess and its commitment to the Energiewende – the transition to renewable, efficient power – it’s not surprising that the nation would be at the forefront of storage innovation. Germany is in the news fairly often as the site of new breakthroughs and installations, and recently it seems as though this pace has been accelerating...
4 days ago

Christopher Wedding, PhD, IronOak Energy Insights CEO

This month Mercatus, Inc. announced $11.7 million in a Series B raise, which brings its total capital committed to $22 million, according to CrunchBase. What innovative hardware are they bringing to market to boost solar panel efficiency? None. Their focus is just the opposite. Instead, they aim to “drive deal velocity and quality while reducing financing costs of...
4 days ago

Christopher Clement, IronOak Energy Insights Director

The solar industry collectively breathed a sigh of relief with the passing of the solar ITC. Following the buzz of this welcome news, we have started to witness substantial opposition to net metering policies around the U.S., most notably from incumbent utilities and PUCs. First, there was the epic debacle in Nevada, which left the residential solar industry scrambling to recover from the drastic changes in the net metering program, even for those that had already built solar under the old rate regime...
4 days ago

Christopher Wedding, PhD, IronOak Energy Insights CEO

Many people adjacent to, outside of, or aspiring to be in the world of venture capital love to throw around the term “VC” and reference the millions of dollars announced in headlines about the latest “shiny object” that is being funded. Think about a few of last month’s headlines: An “anode-free lithium metal battery with a dual-layer electrolyte” secures $12 million in...
last week

Pierre Moses, IronOak Energy Insights Associate

Sound solar policy allows developers to begin assembling the state’s PV pipeline | Large-scale developers aren’t the only ones getting in on the action  

2 weeks ago

Christopher Wedding, PhD, IronOak Energy Insights CEO

Solar + storage installations are expected to grow 50x between now and 2018, totalling $1B in value, and then rising to $8B by 2026. Research suggests that 1 in 10 residential, commercial, and industrial projects could be solar + storage hybrids by 2018. Drivers include falling solar costs, falling energy storage costs, corporate go-to-market partnerships, utility interest in quicker and cheaper grid improvements, and more favorable government policies. Read more to explore how investors and developers might act on these near term, but soon approaching, growth opportunities.
2 weeks ago

Christopher Clement, IronOak Energy Insights Director

Energy storage must blaze new trails in bundled service business models in order to succeed. | The economics of storage works in certain niches, but the market needs stronger signals.

2 weeks ago

Ori Sharon, IronOak Energy Insights Associate


In comparison to traditional distributed energy projects, community solar initiatives pose a heightened off-taker credit risk. Multiple off-takers with varying degrees of creditworthiness make investors uneasy, to say the least. Moreover, restrictions on exit make community solar unattractive to potential members; while the risk of high member turnover scares investors away. However, an in-depth assessment of community solar schemes across the U.S. reveals that several states have done a remarkable job addressing these concerns, making investments in community solar in their jurisdictions not only relatively safe but also quite attractive.

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