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Market Insights

last week

Pierre Moses, IronOak Energy Insights Associate

Sound solar policy allows developers to begin assembling the state’s PV pipeline | Large-scale developers aren’t the only ones getting in on the action  

last week

Christopher Wedding, PhD, IronOak Energy Insights CEO

Solar + storage installations are expected to grow 50x between now and 2018, totalling $1B in value, and then rising to $8B by 2026. Research suggests that 1 in 10 residential, commercial, and industrial projects could be solar + storage hybrids by 2018. Drivers include falling solar costs, falling energy storage costs, corporate go-to-market partnerships, utility interest in quicker and cheaper grid improvements, and more favorable government policies. Read more to explore how investors and developers might act on these near term, but soon approaching, growth opportunities.
2 weeks ago

Christopher Clement, IronOak Energy Insights Director

Energy storage must blaze new trails in bundled service business models in order to succeed. | The economics of storage works in certain niches, but the market needs stronger signals.

2 weeks ago

Ori Sharon, IronOak Energy Insights Associate


In comparison to traditional distributed energy projects, community solar initiatives pose a heightened off-taker credit risk. Multiple off-takers with varying degrees of creditworthiness make investors uneasy, to say the least. Moreover, restrictions on exit make community solar unattractive to potential members; while the risk of high member turnover scares investors away. However, an in-depth assessment of community solar schemes across the U.S. reveals that several states have done a remarkable job addressing these concerns, making investments in community solar in their jurisdictions not only relatively safe but also quite attractive.

2 weeks ago

Tyler Felgenhauer, IronOak Energy Insights Director

Two studies have come out recently that illustrate the complexity of integrating behind-the-meter battery energy storage into facilities in a way that both pays off for owners and investors and brings additional potential benefits for the electric grid as a whole.  These analyses are worth exploring further, as they point to where the key benefits may reside.  

2 weeks ago

Pierre Moses, IronOak Energy Insights Associate

Take a break from California, North Carolina, and Massachusetts as we explore the wide-open solar landscape of Vermont, Michigan, and Utah. These emerging markets may be outside of the top ten of cumulative installed capacity, but they are quickly gaining attention from opportunistic investors and developers. So why should you have interest in expanding into early stage solar states?

2 weeks ago

Joe Zabinski, IronOak Energy Insights Associate

One question that preoccupies lots of energy storage analysts is the future of lithium and its role in battery technology. Lithium has amazing physical properties, and is common enough that it’s driven a revolution in portable energy storage and enabled spectacular growth in the personal electronics market. Yet lithium isn’t perfect - the supply chains to move it across the globe are somewhat stretched, its physical properties can make it challenging to work with, and current batteries are still neither as light nor as long-lasting as we would like. There are some alternatives on the horizon with broad applications across market sectors. What are their prospects, and when will they arrive?

3 weeks ago

Pierre Moses, IronOak Energy Insights Associate

Recent funding announcements are signaling that the US energy storage market has finally reached a notable inflection point. Green Charge Networks, a Silicon Valley based energy storage provider, closed on $50M of new funding to provide no-money-down financing to C&I customers for behind-the-meter batteries. History tells us that the increased adoption of...
3 weeks ago

Tyler Felgenhauer, IronOak Energy Insights Director

In getting our heads around all of the multiple types and uses of energy storage technologies, answering questions about two key characteristics can help in our understanding. First, is the storage in “front-of-the-meter” or “behind-the-meter”? The former will be employed by utilities, as well as the ISOs (Independent System Operators) and RTOs (Regional Transmission Organizations). The latter will be use by...
3 weeks ago

Judy Winglee, IronOak Energy Insights Associate

This month, the biggest breakthroughs in solar have come from the smallest changes. Several different research groups published research on improving the efficiency of solar cells by using micro- or nano scale patterning. Nano-patterning is an increasingly important aspect of surfaced esign and it is used in cutting-edge product development for electronics, biomedical applications, optics, and in many...

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