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We enhance productivity and confidence for finance and strategy professionals via our subscription services and custom research focused on investment and business development.
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How We Help You

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Build strategy via deep research

Don’t rely on sound bites or headlines
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Catch trends early

Stay ahead of the crowds
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Track new markets

Watch changing policy and competitive landscapes
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Identify investment targets

Spot new companies, projects, and business models

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What We Provide

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Subscription Services

Aggregation, Curation, Distillation & Collaboration

  • Insights from 100+ trusted data sources, all in one spot
  • Executive briefings, infographics, and statistics
  • Software to help you save, annotate, and share research
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Custom Research

High Touch Strategic Consulting

A team of PhDs, MBAs, lawyers, and corporate executives providing:
  • Investment modeling
  • Business planning
  • Market research
  • Policy analysis

Our Market Insights

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Can we solve your pain points in
clean energy investment & innovation?

We CAN HELP you if…

  • You want a trusted analyst team in the cloud that you can call on for high-touch, special research projects
  • You want access to industry experts on call, but not on payroll
  • You like making data-driven strategic business decisions, instead of relying on sound bites
  • You prefer to get distilled market insights from many trusted sources in one spot
  • You want to use a web-based collaboration platform to organize and share essential research with your team
  • You want to investigate investment targets and fast-moving markets before your competitors do
  • You are not a lemming and enjoy challenging your perspectives
  • You have a sense of humor, and enjoy [attempts at] witty market commentary

We CANNOT HELP you if…

  • You like paying $50,000 for a research subscription product that still forces you to do mental gymnastics to arrive at actionable next steps
  • You love a crowded email inbox full of 15 daily newsletters
  • You like taking risks in investment and strategy decisions because you don’t have enough time to build a rigorous business case
  • You have no use for data, analysis, or strategic thinking in your business
  • You like doing market research with free search engines -- millions of results and many questionable sources -- “you get what you pay for”
  • Your method of sharing super-insightful research findings is forwarding lots of emails, which creates friction in your organization later
  • You like reading boring, dense, personality-less market research
"IronOak is strategic, analytical, and detail-oriented, and they're always on the cutting edge of innovation. They've done a great job attracting, vetting, and catalyzing our investments in new projects, companies, and strategic partnerships. In the process, they've helped us earn national and international awards."
Tom Darden
CEO, Cherokee Investment Partners
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"IronOak exceeded our expectations. Their team of experts distilled market data and scientific reports to provide us the deep research and applied insights we needed to make the case for an important design and budget decision."
William McDonough
Founder, William McDonough + Partners
Council Chair, World Economic Forum
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