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Our Market Insights
4 days ago

Chris Wedding: IronOak Energy Insights, CEO

Sometimes news is not really news, but we think it's news. What? The announcement of Solarize NYC is great. It will aggregate solar demand and increase buying power across smaller buyers in order to reduce install costs by around 20gbitpercent perhaps. However, this is not the first or only Solarize program. They are happening "all over" the country, or are they?
last week

Christopher Clement: IronOak Energy Insights, Director

  • EIA bearish on renewables, despite reality on the ground.

  • EIA bullish on coal, again despite reality on the ground.

  • Forecasting the future of energy may be a fool’s errand, but let’s hold EIA to a higher standard.
last week

Ori Sharon: IronOak Energy Insights, Associate

In our previous monthly reports we have focused on state solar policies. Our research indicated a growing trend among state legislators and regulators to review, amend, and in several cases, phase out or even cancel solar incentives and long-standing, proven solar policies. Although this process could be viewed as a natural regulatory action in response to a market reaching maturity...
last week

Tyler Felgenhauer: IronOak Energy Insights, Director

The U.S. Department of Energy’s new SHINES program was announced in January, which is providing $18 million in funding with the goal of developing solar energy storage solutions and boosting grid resiliency. SHINES—Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar PV—claims to be the first DOE program that focuses exclusively on connecting renewable energy to storage.
last week

Joe Zabinski: IronOak Energy Insights, Associate

The energy storage market is awash in new materials and new ways of putting them together to achieve ‘better’ storage solutions. And usually, when we assess these technologies, we subconsciously go with the standard definition of ‘better’ storage: cheaper to build, easier to deploy, or able to hold on to more energy for longer periods than competing options. A lot of the innovation in the storage market centers around these key factors...
last week

Chris Wedding: IronOak Energy Insights, CEO

For most EV businesses, the details of solar project development and operations are a related but distant world. Similarly, to solar developers and investors, the EV market is interesting, and most of them want to own a Tesla (including me), but integrating the two industries is a bit of a leap.
last week

Christopher Clement: IronOak Energy Insights, Director

The post-mortem reports are coming in droves as SunEdison prepares to file for bankruptcy. There are many diagnoses of the fall of this giant, but the common thread running through all of them is that SunEdison wanted to become the preeminent market force in the solar industry, but lacked the patience to build to that stature without burdening the company with excessive risk. And that risk, largely in the form of over-leverage, has come back...
last week

Pierre Moses: IronOak Energy Insights, Associate

Energy storage offers too many behind-the-meter benefits to consumers and grid operators to not become a common, if not essential, part of commercial PV projects. The myriad benefits of energy storage mirror the basis of a beloved food analogy: “Energy storage is the new bacon—it makes everything better.”
last week

Chris Wedding: IronOak Energy Insights, CEO

It's all about branding, baby. With plans for 500 MW of solar in Florida by 2024, here's a brilliant marketing move by Duke Energy: A highly visible 5 MW solar project in the shape of Mickey Mouse, located nearby the Four Seasons Resort.
2 weeks ago

Chris Wedding: IronOak Energy Insights, CEO

  • My keynote address on “Myths and Trends in Clean Power Finance.”

  • Carolina’s leadership in energy research, solar, and lithium-ion batteries.

  • “The Business of Clean Power: Intelligent Grid” conference.
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